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My own experience with Knee injuries

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

About five years ago shortly after I started my private practice in the north of Germany, close to Flensburg, I hurt myself doing a pistol squat on a slackline.

that's a pistol squat

As I was always strong enough to do that I didn't think of anything that could happen, but right as I started to ascend from a fully flexed knee position (a movement that needs quite a bit of strength and the angles in which the force is applied from the upper to the lower leg results in a very strong strain in the knee) I felt a sharp pain in my right knee, I heard a popping sound and lost my strength.

I very likely injured my outer meniscus.

It took months to get back to my full range of motion which included squats.

The reason I am telling this story is that I finally found some knee exercises that worked for me and I want to share them:

In this video Dr. Aaron Horschig explains how to perform a touchdown squad.


I really appreciate his work and can just urge you to check it out. In addition to his exercise-driven approach, I help my patients by balancing their nervous system osteopathically. With that, the responsiveness to exercises is even better.

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