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Health Podcast with Tim Dörfler

I had the pleasure of being invited to a podcast hosted by the fabulous Tim Dörfler. This is what he wrote about the episode:

"Dr. Philipp Becker MD CO is one of my absolute favorite people to go to when it comes to my personal health and healing. His current methodology is based on both his experience in Allopathic medicine and Osteopathy for nearly two decades.

In this conversation

Philipp opens up about his personal journey/relationship with health including addiction and we dive into his deeply moving and transformative practice as a healing facilitator, doctor, and coach, that I already got to witness myself multiple times and am impressed by over and over again. We discuss the different aspects and expressions of health and what it means to live a healthy life as a human being.

I hope you are as excited, as I am, to create a true change in this world, starting within ourselves.

Thank you for being part of this journey. If you want to get inspired and empowered or you have any questions, inquiries or something you want to share with me, please feel free to follow me over on IG and write me a message @tim.nikulin.doerfler

Make sure to check out Phil’s website for upcoming events, contact info and potentially working together:

Twitter: @PermaPhilAyampe"

If you are interested in getting to know me and my work better you might want to listen to this:


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